Launch Apps
in Your Customer's Cloud Account.

Build modern apps that run in your customer's AWS or GCP account. It's even easier than pushing to your own cloud.


The future of software is in your  customer's cloud account

Building self-hosted software that runs in your customer's AWS or GCP account is no longer optional.

Privacy & Security

Healthcare, fintech and crypto are are driving a data privacy revolution across all industries. Requirements in these sectors are forcing vendors to rethink where data lives.


Regulations and emerging trends mean that more businesses are facing compliance requirements like SOC2, HIPAA and GDPR from day 1.


Customer's want apps that leverage core business data to live inside their network.

Unlock your biggest  revenue deals

We've talked to hundreds of B2B SAAS companies and 9 out of 10 said that self-hosted represented the biggest contracts for their business.

Self hosted in minutes, not months.

We have solved the hard parts of running modern software in your customer's AWS or GCP account.

Add support for self-hosted to your existing app in minutes, or build something new with our seamless developer experience.

Your product, your customers cloud

Migrate your existing product to run in your customer's cloud account in minutes, not months.

Fully automated

Release changes to your customer installs multiple times a day. Spend time building features instead of managing infrastructure.

Batteries included

We handle the tough problems of securely running your app in your customer's cloud account.

Seamless user experience

Keep customers from churning because it's hard to run your self-hosted version. Our installer deploys your app in minutes.

Self-hosted for  modern  apps

Building a self-hosted version of your product is as simple as creating a launchpad schema for each service in your product.

Deploy workers, crons, internal and public https servers running in containers. Behind the scenes these run on a managed kubernetes cluster in your customer's account. You can even add custom Kubernetes resources if you'd like too.

How it works

Launchpad gives you an end-to-end workflow for building apps that run in your customer's cloud account. Our customers tell us it's even easier than building a hosted version.


Signup, setup your application and get a testing environment in just a few minutes with launch signup.


Each service is configured with a simple schema. launch init let's you configure any service for your product in seconds.

Dev  ->  deploy  ->  test

Preview local changes while you code using launch dev and use launch deploy to update your testing environment.


Ship changes to your customer's with a single command. Roll out (or roll back) changes in seconds with launch release.

Custom installer

Your customers get a customizable installer so they get a fully automated installation experience.

Auto updates

All existing installs of your product will auto-update within seconds of a release.